What is Do It London

Do It London is an award-winning HIV prevention awareness campaign and engagement for all Londoners.

The campaign is part of the London HIV Prevention Programme (LHPP), delivered through multimedia channels and a variety of platforms online and offline.

Do It London first launched in 2015 in response to rising rates of HIV transmission in the capital.

See ‘Our Campaigns’ page for an overview of our past work or click on the image below to see some of the impacts of our 2022 campaign.

What we do

The London-wide campaign promotes public health messaging on HIV combination prevention methods such as HIV testing, regular condom and PrEP use, and increased knowledge of U=U. The campaign focuses on the message that HIV is preventable, that an HIV diagnosis is treatable, and that treatment acts as prevention.

Do It London was the first in the UK to promote “combination prevention”, including PrEP and Undetectable (U=U) from 2017.

New diagnoses of HIV in London have decreased by 41% since 2015, even alongside increases in testing rates. This shows the effectiveness of combination prevention, including increased uptake and frequency of testing, access to PrEP, knowledge of Undetectable and ongoing condom use.

Today, Do It London continues to spread the message about HIV prevention as part of the capital’s commitment to the national HIV strategy.