The London HIV Prevention Programme

The London HIV Prevention Programme (LHPP) is London’s flagship HIV public health programme, supporting London’s efforts to reduce new HIV diagnoses in the capital.

The programme aims to reduce new HIV diagnoses by promoting early HIV testing and prevention choices through its Do It London campaigns and face to face outreach and engagement with London’s Gay, Bisexual and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM) who are more likely to get HIV.


A city-wide approach

The LHPP was established in 2013 by London Councils leaders to provide a city-wide approach to HIV prevention. By 2014, the LHPP was a three-year London-wide HIV prevention programme and has been renewed on several occasions for its valuable contributions to the national HIV Action Plan.

The LHPP is funded by all London boroughs and managed by Lambeth Council on their behalf. The uniqueness of the programme is that it is pan-London, recognising the mobility of London’s target population and the value in cross-borough collaboration in public health messaging and outreach.

The LHPP is also committed to the Fast Track Cities London Roadmap to Zero which means working together as a city to get to zero new HIV infections, zero deaths and zero stigma by 2030.

We know what works and if London continues to make the right decisions new HIV diagnoses will continue to decrease.