Our Do It London campaigns

Do It London has been raising awareness of HIV testing and combination prevention across the capital since 2015. Take a look at our work from when it all began.

You Can Do It (2015)

In spring 2015, Do It London launched its first campaign. The campaign normalised testing for HIV by highlighting the large number of Londoners already testing. In the summer, we encouraged Londoners to test for HIV by cheekily demonstrating how quick, easy and confidential testing can be.

No excuses (2016)

Our first condom-focused campaign at the start of 2016, brought to life Londoners’ common excuses for not using a condom with a range of eye-catching headlines.

I Do It… (2016)

This summer campaign evolved from the previous testing campaign with the tone shifting emphasis on the personal responsibility of testing.

STIs on the rise (2017)

In response to increasing STI rates, this campaign highlighted the effectiveness of condom use against all STI’s, including HIV.

Prevent HIV (2018)

This campaign introduced the concept of combination prevention to Londoners. It was also the first campaign in the UK to promote PrEP and U=U as core methods of prevention.

Keep Doing It London (2019)

Continuing to promote combination prevention, this campaign highlighted the great work London had already achieved and urged Londoners to reject complacency.

Four Sure (2020-2021)

This campaign contrasted the sureness of combination prevention with the wider certainty brought on by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. The campaign was refreshed the following year due to the continued relevancy of the messaging.

FOUR SURE poster

Be Sure, Know the Four (2022 – to date)

Following the success of the last campaign, this campaign is a reminder of the sureness of the four methods to prevent HIV.